Sunday, June 19, 2005


The Real Atrocity

Dick Turban and Coward Dean have gone off and compared Gitmo to the Gulags, Stalags and Holocaust. Maybe we oughta stuffem in a potato sack and drop them off somewhere in the Sunni Triangle so they can see first hand what real torture is at the hands of depraved monsters. And if they return they would probably be beggin women to put their underpants over their heads and laughingly point at their genitals, assuming they had any upon return, or even before they were dropped off. As we all know, our fine military men and women are inflicting "atrocities" upon those enemy non combatants currently in Hotel Gitmo. Yep, the atrocity of providing them with only one Quran, compared to the libraries and tomes of Bibles bestowed upon our boys by the Japanese after such memorable experiences such as Bataan. The crazed indifference to adhere to the enemy non-combatant's religious diet and provide only hot three meals a day, as compared to the buffet lines and fountains of drink available to guests of such fine establishments such as Dachau and Auschwitz. The military is even so horrible to provide only sleeping cots, when even the North Vietnamese provided down comforters and turn down service at the Hanoi Hilton.

Somewhere after the defeat of Al Gore in 2000, the DNC and followers turned their anger towards the conservative movement. Unable to take the field of battle at the ballot box, the liberal movement countered by aiming at the American public. Only instead of attacking opposing candidates directly, the aim has been to attack the foundation upon which those candidates establish and base their principles on, mainly Freedom and Democracy. As made evident by the recent remarks of it's members, the DNC feels it has to inflame the American public to reach it, with much of the same rhetoric that was used to brainwash and influence millions of Germans in the 1930's and subdue and tame the Russian population after the October Revolution. By convincing that the public that the very enemy is among us, looks like you and me, attends our schools and shops at our stores, the DNC hopes to persuade and scare the American people into believing the imperialist's corporate war-monger religious zealot neighbor of yours is far greater threat than any extremist willing to die and kill innocents for his cause. He drives a S.U.V., so he must hate the environment, and wishes to kill us all by drilling in Alaska. He attends church on Sundays, so his sinister aim is to impose his religious will on all around him. He strives to accomplish at work, and by doing so he serves the evil corporations that enslave the world. He gives to charity, not out of compassion, but only out of guilt for treading upon the less fortunate. He flies a flag and has a yellow ribbon, to show support for the imperial crusade the military carries on. He made up the majority vote in the 2004 election, but only through voter fraud and deceit, as exit polls and political analysts are infallible.

Why is it the greatest oppressors in world have always been the ones to instill fear and hate in their populations? Castro to this day builds air raid shelters and warns of the Yankee invasion. The North Koreans to this day still starve the population and horde food in pretense of the upcoming war. The Taliban roamed the countryside, swooping up women and executing them for tempting men, simply for revealing ankle or looking directly at another man in the eyes. These tyrants need to have the people dependent upon them, just as the DNC of today needs to keep their voter block subjugated and riddled with fear. Let us not forget that it was our nation, so terrified of fighting a war on two fronts, so caught off guard by Pearl Harbor, that allowed American Citizens of Japanese decent to be rounded up and placed in interment camps, as to prevent them from signaling the Japanese invasion fleet from the coastline. It is same rhetoric that keeps the minorities, who vote primarily straight Democrat, from seeing any other point of reason beside the ones handed to them. "You are poor, uneducated, without healthcare or luxuries in this world. See what lies on the other side of the railroad tracks, is fair that they have nice houses and cars, dress formal and speak of educated subjects? That that family has two new cars and yours one? That that businessman works in an office and you in a factory? That those teenagers attend college and ours do not. Together we can all have that, we can repart what they have and all of you shall enjoy of that. We will raise the taxes so that they cant make as such money and you will share in it. We shall have those with families and money provide for destitute single mothers forever. We will force the businesses and colleges to accept you and accommodate your standards, without regards to ability."

Why then do my people and most minorities alike flock to that party? Was not Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, a Republican? Was it not the Radical Republicans after Lincoln who left armies of occupation in the South to restore order and enforce the Emancipation Proclamation? Was it not the Ike who sent in troops to Little Rock when Democratic governor stood in the path of integration? Who was it who filibustered the Civil Rights Act so vehemently? Who opposed the Welfare Reform Act of 1996? Who wished to raise our people from living by handouts to living their own hand? Who encourages our single mothers to leave the house from 9am-5pm and who encourages them to leave only on the 1st of the month to the mailbox? Who would tell us that there are better schools, private ones, that can be paid for with vouchers, beyond the inner cities. And who would tell us that the inner city school have worked well for us, so well we are in the same situation as 30 years ago? Who, to this day, tells us to ignore leaders and role models such as Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales, and Colin Powell? Who jokes about hotel cleaning crews being comprised soley of men of color? Who opposed this great Nation's first Supreme Court Justice of African-American descent, Clarence Thomas? Who opposed Janice Brown in her judicial bid? Who has this party nominated and given these opportunities? But more importantly, in who do you place the responsibility for your success, your achievements, your future?

"Give a hungry man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

You should run for Congress with that speech! Awesome!
I like your sense of humor man. keep writing and I'll keep reading
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