Friday, June 24, 2005


Power to the (Liberal Elite) People!!

One more Supreme Court ruling (Kelo vs. New London) showing how the left in this country care so much about an individual and his/her property (they don't). In the eyes of the left, eminent domain can be used in any case part of the city, because as we all know, liberals consider private property to be property of the state, lived on and occupied by a private individual. Who benefits most from the ruling, those with big money (elite) and little or no scruples (liberals). Its a big win for developers and any city with a left of center government. Now Big Money and Big Brother can come in and clear out entire neighborhoods in the name of urban renewal. Could you have imagined old Rainey Street being cleared out that way? Already bad enough what we as a city did to Clarkesville. Hopefully some of the commie judges on the Supreme Court decide to retire soon, maybe then we can have a Court that defends states rights and individual rights.

Check out how Left managed to usurp a state constitution once again here

For a timeline of events click here
Great Blog. Besides terrorism, this ruling by the court of supremes scares me. If they can seize land, what is next? You guns, your Bibles? A Dios Mio! This has to be thrown out in the next court. It has to. Congress needs to legislate this away. States need to do the same. If these people come for la tierra de mio, what's next.
Great blog, keep up the good work. Glad to see sites like this.

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