Friday, June 24, 2005


Power to the (Liberal Elite) People!!

One more Supreme Court ruling (Kelo vs. New London) showing how the left in this country care so much about an individual and his/her property (they don't). In the eyes of the left, eminent domain can be used in any case part of the city, because as we all know, liberals consider private property to be property of the state, lived on and occupied by a private individual. Who benefits most from the ruling, those with big money (elite) and little or no scruples (liberals). Its a big win for developers and any city with a left of center government. Now Big Money and Big Brother can come in and clear out entire neighborhoods in the name of urban renewal. Could you have imagined old Rainey Street being cleared out that way? Already bad enough what we as a city did to Clarkesville. Hopefully some of the commie judges on the Supreme Court decide to retire soon, maybe then we can have a Court that defends states rights and individual rights.

Check out how Left managed to usurp a state constitution once again here

For a timeline of events click here

Sunday, June 19, 2005


The Real Atrocity

Dick Turban and Coward Dean have gone off and compared Gitmo to the Gulags, Stalags and Holocaust. Maybe we oughta stuffem in a potato sack and drop them off somewhere in the Sunni Triangle so they can see first hand what real torture is at the hands of depraved monsters. And if they return they would probably be beggin women to put their underpants over their heads and laughingly point at their genitals, assuming they had any upon return, or even before they were dropped off. As we all know, our fine military men and women are inflicting "atrocities" upon those enemy non combatants currently in Hotel Gitmo. Yep, the atrocity of providing them with only one Quran, compared to the libraries and tomes of Bibles bestowed upon our boys by the Japanese after such memorable experiences such as Bataan. The crazed indifference to adhere to the enemy non-combatant's religious diet and provide only hot three meals a day, as compared to the buffet lines and fountains of drink available to guests of such fine establishments such as Dachau and Auschwitz. The military is even so horrible to provide only sleeping cots, when even the North Vietnamese provided down comforters and turn down service at the Hanoi Hilton.

Somewhere after the defeat of Al Gore in 2000, the DNC and followers turned their anger towards the conservative movement. Unable to take the field of battle at the ballot box, the liberal movement countered by aiming at the American public. Only instead of attacking opposing candidates directly, the aim has been to attack the foundation upon which those candidates establish and base their principles on, mainly Freedom and Democracy. As made evident by the recent remarks of it's members, the DNC feels it has to inflame the American public to reach it, with much of the same rhetoric that was used to brainwash and influence millions of Germans in the 1930's and subdue and tame the Russian population after the October Revolution. By convincing that the public that the very enemy is among us, looks like you and me, attends our schools and shops at our stores, the DNC hopes to persuade and scare the American people into believing the imperialist's corporate war-monger religious zealot neighbor of yours is far greater threat than any extremist willing to die and kill innocents for his cause. He drives a S.U.V., so he must hate the environment, and wishes to kill us all by drilling in Alaska. He attends church on Sundays, so his sinister aim is to impose his religious will on all around him. He strives to accomplish at work, and by doing so he serves the evil corporations that enslave the world. He gives to charity, not out of compassion, but only out of guilt for treading upon the less fortunate. He flies a flag and has a yellow ribbon, to show support for the imperial crusade the military carries on. He made up the majority vote in the 2004 election, but only through voter fraud and deceit, as exit polls and political analysts are infallible.

Why is it the greatest oppressors in world have always been the ones to instill fear and hate in their populations? Castro to this day builds air raid shelters and warns of the Yankee invasion. The North Koreans to this day still starve the population and horde food in pretense of the upcoming war. The Taliban roamed the countryside, swooping up women and executing them for tempting men, simply for revealing ankle or looking directly at another man in the eyes. These tyrants need to have the people dependent upon them, just as the DNC of today needs to keep their voter block subjugated and riddled with fear. Let us not forget that it was our nation, so terrified of fighting a war on two fronts, so caught off guard by Pearl Harbor, that allowed American Citizens of Japanese decent to be rounded up and placed in interment camps, as to prevent them from signaling the Japanese invasion fleet from the coastline. It is same rhetoric that keeps the minorities, who vote primarily straight Democrat, from seeing any other point of reason beside the ones handed to them. "You are poor, uneducated, without healthcare or luxuries in this world. See what lies on the other side of the railroad tracks, is fair that they have nice houses and cars, dress formal and speak of educated subjects? That that family has two new cars and yours one? That that businessman works in an office and you in a factory? That those teenagers attend college and ours do not. Together we can all have that, we can repart what they have and all of you shall enjoy of that. We will raise the taxes so that they cant make as such money and you will share in it. We shall have those with families and money provide for destitute single mothers forever. We will force the businesses and colleges to accept you and accommodate your standards, without regards to ability."

Why then do my people and most minorities alike flock to that party? Was not Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, a Republican? Was it not the Radical Republicans after Lincoln who left armies of occupation in the South to restore order and enforce the Emancipation Proclamation? Was it not the Ike who sent in troops to Little Rock when Democratic governor stood in the path of integration? Who was it who filibustered the Civil Rights Act so vehemently? Who opposed the Welfare Reform Act of 1996? Who wished to raise our people from living by handouts to living their own hand? Who encourages our single mothers to leave the house from 9am-5pm and who encourages them to leave only on the 1st of the month to the mailbox? Who would tell us that there are better schools, private ones, that can be paid for with vouchers, beyond the inner cities. And who would tell us that the inner city school have worked well for us, so well we are in the same situation as 30 years ago? Who, to this day, tells us to ignore leaders and role models such as Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales, and Colin Powell? Who jokes about hotel cleaning crews being comprised soley of men of color? Who opposed this great Nation's first Supreme Court Justice of African-American descent, Clarence Thomas? Who opposed Janice Brown in her judicial bid? Who has this party nominated and given these opportunities? But more importantly, in who do you place the responsibility for your success, your achievements, your future?

"Give a hungry man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

Thursday, June 16, 2005


The Tyrannical Austin Police Dept. and other Leftist Fairy Tales

The fourth officer involved shooting in as many years involving minority teenagers has sparked outrage and anger from minority groups, from demands to the Chief Knee's resignation to the arrest of Officer Schroeder. When watching the Town Hall meeting, take into effect the fact that at the moment, nothing is certain about the events of that fateful night, only that one shot was fired and one person lay dead. If, we as a public, call the very Police that protect us murderers, then ask yourself, in what situation would we call them heros? Perhaps they should stop patrolling and pull out of certain neighborhoods after, say 8pm, as to avoid having to use deadly force (hint hint criminals). Then they would surely be heros! Better yet, impose a reverse racial profiling. Officers are only allowed to stop a certain amount of persons daily, according to that person's race and the percentage of said race in the city. So if an officer has stopped his quota of X persons, and sees and X individual say robbing a bank or driving drunk, he could not pull them over, for fear of discriminating and harming the racial balance that exists in our city. Heros!!! The officers would be heros! Rather than stopping at the individual officer, extend this policy to the whole police department. No more anti-drug task forces in drug infested areas such as Dove Springs and Rundberg, to dedicate the Task Force's time in these areas shows a bias against the people living there. We must spend equal time rooting out the crack dealers and prostitution rings and cracks houses in such hotbeds as Circle C and Bull Creek, these areas are just as, if not more dangerous. Heros!! Heros of the State!! Of course to do such things would only lead to an exponential increase in crime, and for any Austinite deny that is to believe the moon is made of Organic Soy Free Range Goat Cheese. Death in any situation is a painful and horrific experience to the ones left behind. The anger and sorrow on many faces at the meeting was obvious, however misplaced. A man wiser than myself once said "Fix the problem, not the blame". Examine the situation from above, as is if were playing out on tv with no sound. Knowing only these facts, draw a conclusion:

  1. An anti-drug sweep is in progress (how does this affect Police attitudes at the moment?)
  2. A vehicle is pulled over (under what circumstances, for what violation?)
  3. One occupant is recognized by an officer as having a grand theft felony arrest warrant out. (what qualifies as a felony grand theft, what assumptions are made of those individuals?)
  4. One shot is fired, and one of the vehicle's occupants is dead (preliminary autopsy shows one gunshot would to the back)
Is this enough information to draw a conclusion? Hardly. The internal investigation will last longer than the 24 hours it took many people to make assumptions about the officer. Too many unanswered questions means we, as a public, will have to wait. At what distance was the bullet fired? At what angle? What, if any, injuries did the officer sustain? Was the APD policy to blame for this incident?

Let us fix the Problem in this situation. The problem is not that the Police are racist, targeting minorities for execution and harrasment. The problem is not the War on Drugs, or its effects on minority nieghborhoods. No, the problem is the culture of desensitizion and plausable deniability that we bring our children up in. Gone are the days of " Be home by 8pm and stay outta trouble", replaced by the silence of a door shutting as children leave the house, turning a cold shoulder to parents transfixed on the television or at work and not home. How many children heeded the calls to "Stay off the streets so the police dont shoot you" after this incident, but were never reminded by those same parents "Dont sell drugs, dont commit crime, stay in school." After seeing the initial reactions of some community leaders over and over on the newscasts, I can probably bet which ones gave their children that wholesome advice. The blame lies on us as a community, as a people, for not instilling the values and respect in our children as was done so long ago. This situation could have been avoided entirely if the vehicle's occupants were at home, work, church or involved in some other activity that didnt center around bags of green grass-like substances. The War on Drugs would not be necessary is every individual obeyed the law and shunned drugs. The property crime and theft that comes with drug infested areas would disappear if drug dealers lost their audience and the junkies followed their dealers to lands farther away. We are to blame, for not knowing or caring about our children's actions, warrants, activities. We are to blame for believing that prison is meant to reform individuals, and allowing them back on our streets in too little time. We believe that prison can change ppl just as the reformatories of the eary 19th century attempted to do. The testament to their success can be seen on the heaps of ruins where they once stood.

Whatever the outcome in this case, We must remember that had the situations been reversed, and a teenager shot and killed a police officer, he would be entitled to all the benefit of the doubt, first before a grand jury, them before a jury, then, if convicted, before parole boards, and finally before the public. Lets extend that same courtesy to the officer, who may one day be between some dirty bearded, intoxicated, smelly criminal (or hippie who ate the fermented Soy goat cheese) and you and your family. Let's wait before the facts are in and the investigations are over. In the meantime, there is one less officer on the streets today, which makes us:
Any other answer than B probably means that you also feel sorry for rocks for being rocks, are appalled that my Suburban chugs gasoline, and pass out upon seeing Native Americans hunt baby seals.

"Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Friday, June 03, 2005


Los Crimenes del Partido Democratico en Tejas

Hoy me presento a uds. como hermano latino, orgulloso de mi patria y familia, y al mismo tiempo triste de tener que ver a mis hermanos suferiendo debajo de un partido injusto y corupto. Van a perdonar mi espanol, si yo, como mucho de uds., naci en otro pais antes de llegar a los EEUU. Las futuras generaciones de nuestros hijos van a tener la experiencia de nacer en un mundo donde afuera se habla ingles, y en el hogar se habla espanol. Es por ellos que nosotros tenemos que unirnos debajo de una idea politica, una idea que garantize el futuro para nuestros ninos. Hay que hacer unas preguntas muy deficiles, como las siguientes:
Mucha de nuestra gente viene de paises donde el criminal mas grande usa uniforme, donde la mordida es comun, y donde el mas grande el gub. el peor. Yo por mi parte prefiero un gub. pequeno, con una camara de representantes haciendo las leyes. Yo prefiero pagar menos en impuestos, tener el respecto de mis hermanos de todos colores, y tener las oportunidad de hacer mis propias desiciones. Preguntate a ti mismo:
Por que me pregunto, tantos de mi gente son esclavos a un partido que no los quiere? Y cuando les digo que no los quiere, es por que no los quiere. Este partido va ensenar a nuestros hijos que Dios no hizo la tierra ni al hombre, si no que a sido un processo scientifico. Va a ensenar a nuestras hijas que es su derecho salir a la calle y volver embarazadas, que la solucion queda en una clinica y no hay responsabilidad o consequencias de sus acciones. Va a ensenar a nuestros hijos que cuando sus papas estan tan viejos or enfermos que no se pueden alimentar, que es justo dejar que mueran de hambre. Un partido que demanda que las elecciones de gubernador en California son ilegal por el motivo que nuestra gente no tiene la capacidad mental para usar una maquina de votar, despues de que hemos usado la misma maquina dos anos antes. Un partido que quiere tener control sober nuestras vidas, nuestras acciones, y nuestra fe. Un partido que ensena que la iresponsabilidad es un derecho de hombre, no una falla. Como podemos permitir que laderones y violadores de ninos salen de la carcel, so porque tuvieron una vida dura? Todos tenemos una vida dura, pagando la renta, encontrando tiempo para pasar con nuestros hijos, precupando de donde vamos a pagar la luz. Somos gente fuerte con mucho fe, deseamos solo trabajar y dar a nuestros hijos lo que nosotros no tuviemos. No podemos permitir que nadie nos quita eso. Cuando te piden que votas para subir los impuestos, NO!, para pagar por usar las carreteras que ya estan construidas, NO!, para quitar mas impuestos de nuestros cheques, NO!, para que toman el lugar de la madre en nuestros hogares, y ensenar a nuestras hijas el aborte y sexo, NO!, cuando preparan de soltar asesinos y ladrones dela carcel, NO!, NO!, y NO!. Nuestro poder esta en nuestros numeros, nuestra voz tiene que ser fuerte y unida. Solo cumplimos nada, juntos hay exito y orgulla. Ten cuidado los de los izquierdistas............

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Club Liberals not Sandwiches!!!!!

Cooks of America!! Stop oppressing our sandwiches and turn thy clubbing force against a greater threat...the Liberal. Together we can ensure the prosperity of our country and preservation of sandwiches. The sandwich is your friend, this is your enemy:

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