Sunday, May 29, 2005


Senate Wars III, Revenge of the Hippies

Things to know before you see this newest blockbuster play out on C-Span.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Liberal Fairy Tales and Lulla-Byes (Ted Kennedy's Version)


Monday, May 02, 2005


99 of 100 Terrorists Agree....Conservatives Suck!!

Recently captured battlefield propaganda suggests that Terrorists may use subtle influence to change the political face of the Coalition Forces now in Iraq. Specifically, Terrorists hope to install insurgent-friendly governments abroad that will pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and leave the countries ripe for theocratic rule. Their best bet may lie in hopes that the liberal left in America obstruct and delay efforts by the President to appoint men of action to open court and international positions. Gone are the days of Koffi "Oil-for-food-for-money-for-me" Annan, Sandy "Whats in my pants" Berger, Janet "Throw children back into the hell the came after they escaped" Reno, and Bill "How dare Osama blow up two American Embassies I shall destroy an aspirin factory in retaliation" Clinton.

Just look at the picture, if you were a Terrorist (and some of you are, e.g. the whole of France) who would you rather have as your opponent, either when courting the same woman or on the same battlefield.

Yup, 99 outta 100 Terrorists agree, would be a perfect 100 but the last Terrorist keeled over laughing at the last picture.

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