Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Red State of Affairs

Ive been asked to clarify my position politically, so here goes:

I consider myself a constitutionalist, more conservative fiscally and religiously with socially liberal tendencies (I give my spare change to the guy selling pencils). Most importantly I believe in the supreme power of the state, the government is the glue that holds them together, but in the state lies the power. I prefer it that way, so if the people of state 123 decide they want to ban smoking outright, and i live in state 123, I can move to state ABC where smoking is seen as a privilige of age (why I dont live in a dry county in Texas). I see welfare as a temporary *Stress temporary* assistance to be given in conditions of unemployment or hardship. I believe in individual responsibility, the sacredness of the Flag, the unwavering support of our troops in no matter what situation. Equality should be universal, by breaking people down into groups and genders and races we divide more than unite. I believe using quotas and percentages in hiring and admissions furthers racism, not resolves it. Education should be just that, education, and institutions of education should educate, not politic. We must respect our neighbors nationally, but not allow them to determine our role in the world, that is our own choice. I believe in the death penalty, because an individual who does not value life shouldnt miss his/her own. I believe if someone hits you with a rock you smackem with a 2x4 with a nail it. I oppose abortion, religiously and because there are alternatives except in the case of rape incest or medical necessity, and because I believe abortion in itself is a tool to suppress the minorities in this country and allow the single rich women to act like rhymes with boars,(Google the California lady offering free sterilization to inner-city women). My heroes wear many uniforms, policeman blue, firefighter yellow, paramedic white, soldier green. I love nature, I catch n release, but wont flip my Suburban three times over and kill my family to avoid a squirrel in the road. I love fireworks, pickups, cherry pie, my guns. I trust no but myself when it comes to my money, I prefer the lowest possible number in the F.I.T column of my check. I have a cross, not so much to protect me but to remind me of the sacrifice He mad for me. In short: GOD GUNS GLORY, all three ensure the survival and safety of my family.
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