Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Peace Thru Superior Firepower

**Disclaimer By reading the following article, you, the reader, your dog or cat, or any other entity human or not, waive liability from damages resulting from heart attack, stress, shortness of breath of other illness, as well as damage to carpet from bleeding hearts or other organs.**
Charter 500,000 buses @ 100 per day x 4 days = 200 million
Compensate every Iraqi 100 per day x 4 days = 12 billion
Compensate every family 5000 for shelter = 50 billion
One Big Nuke = got plenty lying around
Fuel for delivering one big nuke = this is Mid. East right

Turning the entire fertile crescent into one big sheet of glass 50 feet thick after all the good Iraqis and our boys have pulled out (as well as saving us some money and having solved the entire world's glass shortage problem)

= Priceless

L.M.A.O. :) musta been some silly mushrooms in my omlette this morning.....
**This is joke. I dont like protesters in front of my house with bongos, effigies, burning flags (actually do the flag thing I haven' been to target practice in a while)**

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