Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Hypocriticus Liberalalis or the Tweedle Dem and Tweedle Demmer

I was wondering how long it would take the Supreme court to start playing the role of King Creator and Master, I now have my answer with thier decision to abolish the death penalty for those under 18 years of age. Makes perfect sense right? Those under the age of 18 have yet to develop a moral understanding of the world, learn the difference between wrong and right, and comprehend the sanctity of life. The state should not be allowed to administer capital punishment in that case, correct? Even if Billy was only 16 or 17 when he walks into a ice cream shop, ties up the 4 teenage girls who work there part-time, attempts to rape them, shoots each in the head twice, douses the bodies in gasoline, sets the building on fire, and dumps the gun. Nope the state has no right to kill those who commit the ultimate sin, no matter how young. Maybe Billy didn't get a pony when he was little, maybe he had a bad childhood. My liberal (somewhat pinko commie) friends agree, unless of course the minor in question has done nothing wrong, except maybe chosen the wrong mother's womb to inhabit, then it's perfectly legal, a "personal choice", a woman's "right". The hypocrasy is nauseating. Make that point to your liberal friends, hear their reaction to state executions of minors and then, and only then, ask "what if the minor has done nothing at all, just made a poor choice when it came to his/her mother?". Listen to the wails and laments of "government infringement on our rights, yada yada"
Tis a sad day, when 5 justices reverse what should be essentially a state's power, a decision determined by the people of one state through their legislature. I pointed out to my liberal friends (in Austin its easier to catch falling meteors than walk around and not bump into one) that the D.C. sniper duo comprised of one older individual and one 17 year old who pulled the trigger. Utter silence, somewhat beautiful, somewhat sad (the response mechanisms in their heads shut down), shattered by the universal liberal response to anything, ("the car broke", "I lost my homework", "Hitler invaded Poland", etc...) "It's society's fault". I shall not (H.) say his name in vain, why is so hard to believe a human cannot develop the ability to distinguish between wrong and right, to learn that killing is wrong. The Malvo kid watched thru his scope as people's heads exploded after he pulled the trigger. Even my dumbest (no apologies to the P.C. warriors) liberal amigos know that if you touch a hot stove u get burned. Hence Pavlov's theory, my brain (no matter how small) equates the hot stove with pain, I avoid touching it. By denying that Malvo can assume responsibility for his crimes you diminsh the entire human race. I can't wait to hear of gang members recruiting minors to carry out killing police and innocent bystanders by coercing their recruits with "it's ok, you'll get respect from every gang and they can't give you death penalty".
Hypocriticus Liberalalis - relative of the lemming, blindly following all those around him, void of any morals or rationale.
P.S. Mark.. How now brown cow?
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